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‘Ghetto’ was first coined to describe a segregated area in Venice in the 16th century where Jews were forced to live in squalor and desperation. The Venetian Ghetto was a prison until Napoleon seized Venice in 1797 and tore down its gates. more

There have been a number of columns and editorials and think pieces regarding the construction of Windsor’s proposed new mega-hospital on the outskirts of the city. Such a development, we’re told, is the way of the future. more

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The leak, which has been dubbed the Panama Papers, detailed the efforts by some of the richest and most powerful people in the world to hide their money in tax havens in order to avoid being taxed on that money in their home country. more



Sarah Kivell

Jenny Coco’s plan to build big box stores on the grasslands adjacent to the ecologically critical Ojibway Park is a terrible one for every conceivable reason. more

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There’s something about this place. The warmth of the people, the closeness of its connections, the misunderstood formerly resplendent metropolis with which it shares a border. more