Wow. This question might be stupider than the question posed by the big-titted, nose breaker. I will address your question about monogamy after I blast you for your grotesque lack of common sense. more

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I guess emailing me an easily answered question seemed like a good idea. Are you looking for attention, or did you forget to pay your Internet bill this month? more

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Look, you may otherwise think you’re a stellar lover, but if you’re attempting monogamy, do you really think you’re going to get away with not going to places you’re uncomfortable with in order to keep an interesting sex life? more

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I’ve committed a lot of my precious time (approx. 4 minutes a month) to answering SERIOUS questions about sex & relationships. Then I get this abomination. Is this your twisted version of the classic favourite meal/album on a desert island question? more

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I’ve been a viewer of online pornography for quite a long time now and lately I’m starting to worry more and more about my search history becoming public. What will happen to society if this kind of information becomes part of the public record? more

I recently started dating a new guy, and we’ve been having sex for a few weeks. He recently just confided in me that he really gets off on urination. I’m not disgusted by it, but it also doesn’t turn me whatsoever. more