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Windsor has declined to implement this system while London Ontario recently became the only municipality to accept ranked ballots for the 2018 election. Should Windsor consider ranked ballots for 2022? more

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Passing the budget in one night accomplishes nothing except limiting the opportunity for the public to monitor the most important city council meeting of the year. more


To truly move the city forward we have to look at what different economic opportunities we have already in our area and build off of them. Those include our burgeoning high tech organizations... more

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Windsor is considering regulation for Uber. How do you think the City of Windsor should balance the interests of consumers, drivers and the taxi industry? more

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Young people in Windsor have a chance to be part of the generational change of leadership and reinvention of our community that is on the way. Stick around. Be bold, find your niche and hustle. more



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Do you believe activists play a constructive role in shaping the political discourse and moving forward how would you advise people who wish to be engaged in the political process to do effectively? more



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Council’s decision to spend $50,000 sponsoring the Detroit Grand Prix has been a controversial one. Opinions are split inside council chambers, and among the general public. more



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The mayors of Windsor and Tecumseh recently launched a public awareness campaign aimed to reduce the overall potential damage of a class action lawsuit that claims that the two communities unlawfully overcharged for bingo licences. more

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