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Will Lee is the man behind much of the rise of the Detroit cocktail scene, and so many people may not even know it that he might as well be called the Grey Ghost. more

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Chef James Rigato didn’t need to open another restaurant to cement his cooking pedigree. A few years after his polished restaurant The Root opened in White Lake Township, that seemed safe. more

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Robin Laananen

With an album released last October, the band is set to embark on the second round of their tour this month. A notorious recluse, we were elated to chat with the frontman about the tour, the album, and the state of the world today. more


Adam Leeb and Patrick Paul are co-founders of the Astrohaus Freewrite, formerly called the Hemingwrite, a smart typewriter with all the distraction free aspects of an old machine and all the connectivity of a computer. more


Valentine's Distillery

C/O Valentine's Distillery

Valentine's Distillery in Ferndale Michigan is shaking things up by focusing on small batches, world class spirits, and doing things locally. more

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