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On April 24th and 25th LCBO employees, members of the OPSEU (Ontario Public Service Employees Union), voted 93% in favour of a strike mandate put forth by the union. I'm here to tell you why this strike probably won't happen. more

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When they opened the Ossington brewpub, not only was that neighbourhood just beginning to become hip, but craft beer itself was still nascent in Toronto. In many ways, Bellwoods has earned a reputation as the first modern craft brewpub in Toronto... more

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Beer is political. The industry affects people's lives. Marketing affects people's sense of identity. more


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The beer ombudsman position is the province’s first tiny acknowledgement in action that this may not be exactly fair. more


It’s the end of the world. Democracy has failed us. Prepare yourself for years of authoritarianism, economic collapse and inequitable taxation. I’m talking of course about Ontario’s burgeoning craft spirits industry. more

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A contract brewery is simply a beer company which does not own a brewery. Instead, it rents excess space from another brewery and brews the beer there. more

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Every brewery in Ontario, no matter how small, is not a DIY hobby business – it took money, and I guarantee you it took way more money than that single, me-against-the-world founder/president/brewmaster has ever had. more

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Conversation around craft beer constantly comes back to one question: What is the next big beer style after IPA going to be? more

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Craft beer is getting cloudier and drinkers are wearing their love of cloudy beer as a badge of pride, a clear distinction separating them from lager lads. more

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At a time when everyone is still laughing in disbelief at Budweiser’s rebranding of their flagship as America (the beer), I’m still more annoyed by the existence of Belgian Moon. more

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Housed in Jack’s Gastropub, Banded Goose is celebrating its third year, placing it firmly in the territory of local craft beer pioneers. It’s fitting too, as Jack’s, located in Kingsville, has been a staple of the culinary scene in the county... more

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It’s about what women can do when they’re together. This got me thinking about how beer is such a strangely gendered thing, and about why a festival like this needs to exist. more


Beer is cool and trendy, but wine still gets all the respect. People who wax poetic over beer are called snobs while wine connoisseurs are seen as cultured and classy. Despite this, the growth of craft beer can’t be matched, and wineries want in. more

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I thought about making a list of, say, the best beers of the year, or trends to look out for in 2016, but those have already been done all over the internet and this issue is already full of lists. So pour yourself a beverage and come along... more

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Yes, beer is available in 19 Loblaw’s-owned stores, 15 Sobey’s, a bunch of Farm Boys and about 10 more chains and independents. Good news, right? more

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I have bad news about wine and cheese. Though the times are changing, wine is still seen as a classy drink and beer is not so much. Wine connoisseurs are seen as cultured, while people who wax poetic over beer are often derided as snobs. more


The boycott of the Beer Store by Rino’s Kitchen has lent a local aspect to the ongoing debate about the Beer Store. I touched on this in an article a few months back and made no secret about my distaste for the chain, but this time around I’ve tried more