Clara Benedek

Though sometimes the job creates a Taxi Driver or Drive fantasy and the benefits of choosing your own hours outweigh the risks, the truth is you really don’t know where you’re going and who you are picking up every time you accept a call. more

Having moved around a bit, she realised that her surroundings were cultivating the way she thought about her work. more


S-Faubert x Hustle Flesh

One local artist is hustling to bring the dark side of Windsor’s alternative music scene to light. A body is made up of different parts - organs, blood, water, bones - which is similar to the makeup of a local music scene. more



Lauren Hedges

Following their debut album, Static Fuzz Radio in 2011, local garage rock darlings The Hypnotics have returned after a brief hiatus with a stronger, newer and more in tune with a dirtier rock n’ roll style. more



Clara Benedek

The exhibit, a build-up and tear-down performance process will see its closing reception on November 11, operating also as a time-lapse multi-disciplinary exhibition. more


UTMC workshop - photo by Michelle Soulliere.jpg

Michelle Soulliere

The D.I.Y. screen-printing workshop is putting on a free exhibit with musical performances, paying homage to and celebrating Windsor’s visual art and music scene. more



Adam Marz

For its two-day run, w.a.v.e.s. (which stands for Windsor’s Artists Visions Energies and Sculptures) aims to increase the fusion of art and technology through locally created installations and engaging activities. more



Chris Mailloux

Displaying the best comedic talent North America has to offer, Border City Comedy Festival is continuing its third year of tight competition, leaving one comic standing with a luxurious prize. more



Clara Benedek

The Windsor Sandwich Shop’s Facebook page has been flooded with one star reviews by people who obviously don’t live anywhere near the city. more


Fun in the sun doesn’t begin to describe this Windsor company’s latest efforts. LiquidWild, launched in 2015, is striving for an outside-the-box approach to marketing campaigns and product innovation. more


It's time to give your diet some serious thought. more

Food & Drink

Jude by Ryan Bro.jpg

Ryan Brough

Through an unconventional art exhibition, one local artist is examining her experience with loss, going public with the excessive burden of death and separation that she has been lugging around for the better part of the past decade. more

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Clara Benedek

Since the Windsor Youth Centre relocated to a new space, Kowalska has increased enthusiasm and hope to further create a positive change within Windsor’s struggling youth. more


When you think of traffic, images of cars sitting bumper to bumper in a hazy glow of smog during rush hour come to mind. A Canadian organization is attempting to shift that understanding towards human traffic... more




A local tradition that started in 2012 has taken off and is changing the way people view bicycle culture locally. Organizer and bike aficionado, Stephen Hargreaves, said that he took inspiration from the UK when he started the event. more



Clara Benedek

Every day is the first day of spring at Cafe March 21, and on Monday the cozy coffee shop is celebrating their first birthday. more


The Detroit Institute of Arts has acquired Susan Goethel Campbell’s piece, Detroit Weather: 365 Days, a collection of stills that resemble a time-lapse video installation and confronts a larger environmental issue. more



Clara Benedek

The late night Mexican landmark that is Acapulco Delight is going through some changes. According to owner Kevin Ham Chi, they will be closing down the original location and moving to 485 Pelissier. more

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For all avid classical concert goers, The Windsor Symphony Orchestra is tightening its strings with the renewal of Music Director/Maestro Robert Franz’ contract into the year 2019. more


Entering its 21st year, Motor City Tattoo Expo is celebrating over two decades of talent, bringing together the best artists from all over the US with tattoo enthusiasts visiting from all over the globe. more