What's going on with the decision making in Windsor?

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Our city is a dump. Always has been, always will be.. Especially when we're being mismanaged by politicians like Drew Dumpkins.

Jordan more than 1 year ago


fuck you, windsor is awesome. its just going through hard times

mickey smatter more than 1 year ago

Don't believe what you read always

This is not a Windsor hospital... It's a regional hospital. Get your facts straight before you write a article.

Rod more than 1 year ago


You left out the fact that this comes at the expense of closing down two hospitals in our core, so whatever you want to call this boondoggle the *reality* is that it will by necessity serve Windsorites far more often than county folk, even though it's easier for county folk to get there. Therefore we have a handout to the people who *won't even pay for this facility with their taxes*, while Windsorites will. It is within Windsor city limits, so we are on the hook for all ancillary expenses, yet will receive no property tax benefit (http://www.carters.ca/pub/bulletin/charity/2008/chylb130.htm).

Martin Ouellette more than 1 year ago

It's called "kickbacks"

Even if there is no physical bribe, be aware of outgoing councilors and mayors going to work at prominent companies or businesses (ie Windsor family credit union)
that did a lot of business with the city during their terms.
Politicians don't work for their communities anymore (if they ever did) they work for their own interests and use the power/influence of the office to further their cause.
I hope I'm just a sceptic and this is untrue..but these nonsense choices that defy logic, suddenly make sense if corruption was the cause.

A windsorite more than 1 year ago

Its an Attitude.

It seems to be a terminal illness that Windsor has. So sad, yet so predictable. Windsor can't seem to come out from underneath itself. Its a mentality passed down through the ages of its Mayor's and Council and yes the people of this city. Such backward thinking.

C Savage more than 1 year ago

Lack of Planning

The city council (including the present mayor and past mayor) are more interested in their political futures than actually accomplishing needed reforms to Windsor enhance both business development and job opportunities. The city suffers from the 2008 financial downturn combined with the bankruptcy of Detroit, which has caused extreme regional problems both for investments in the region combined with lack of employment. New pools, or other "boutique" decisions are not what Windsor needs. Windsor needs major capital investment!! Including, but not limited to, dropping corporate tax rates to almost zero so that businesses (small, medium, and large) can flourish or be attracted here. The vast majority of the truck traffic coming from Michigan over the Ambassador bridge (or even through the tunnel) are heading to London, Toronto, or the GTA in general. Very few come to Windsor, which is sad. We will continue to have double digit unemployment until business itself blossoms here and is retained here.

L Overton more than 1 year ago


This is what Windsor has been doing for years. Look only at money and right now. Long range planning is seemingly nonexistent. Where does the municipality want to go? What does the 'management' see as important for the city? What really matters to the residents and how are the mayor and counsel going to represent that? Transparent planning that looks beyond one or 2 years just immediate money(costs and what the city can earn) would be a really nice change. It would be so nice to see the city left in better shape that it was found at the beginning of the last municipal government's swearing in.

Steph more than 1 year ago