Opinion: An open letter to Mayor Drew Dilkens

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Hey Matt, that was way off side! Did someone hurt your feelings today? Don't take it out on us here in poor little uneducated Windsor. It's too bad you had such a scary experience in Windsor, but hopefully we did enough to keep you away.

Jen (not the fat one either) more than 1 year ago

Windsor sucks!

Windsor is a total inbred hick town. The people are rude beyond belief, have road rage episodes everywhere, are completely uneducated, have no class, no idea about class, no character, no style and do not even realize it! If you like people's dogs taking craps on your lawn and then having to argue with the owner why that's wrong, you might like Windsor. If you like people using that same lawn as an ashtray or drop point for their empty Tim Hortons cups, you may like Windsor. And this is in the "nice" neighborhoods.

Cops are useless. The dummies at City Hall are useless. What you have are a really dumb yokel gang of degenerates, who for over 3 decades made good money working unskilled jobs in the auto factories. Now these jobs are tapering off one by one, and the town has become an angry, confused, and completely unrealistic mob of fat people who think everyone owes them something. You need to watch your back. These people will drive down the wrong side of the road and wonder what your problem is. They will stand outside your house and spy in your window and wonder why you come out to ask what they're doing. These things have happened. Its absolutely a twin peaks nightmare.

Don't even stop in Windsor. Just keep driving down Huron Church

Matt more than 1 year ago

You are the nightmare.

It's unfortunate that you have such a low opinion of us here in Windsor. In every city, in every town there are pockets of people that you describe in your super aggressive and angry comment. You are missing out on a lot of great people and energy by classifying the entire city the way you do. But I agree, people like you should keep on driving. Birds of a feather should flock together and your negative energy isn't needed around "these parts"(gotta throw some hick-humour in here somewhere). Drive safely Matt, keep on driving...

Jeanine more than 1 year ago


What a fantastic comment, from a clearly uneducated person. You speak of class as if you have any, and character as if you know of it.

Everything you wrote here, describes what kind of disgusting and vile person you are.

Tom more than 1 year ago

Engages then hides

This isn't a personal twitter or Facebook account - they're the accounts he uses as Mayor. He engages constituents with them, posts about City issues with them, and then blocks constituents that don't agree with him. Plain and simple, that's bad behaviour for an elected official.

DP more than 1 year ago

It's also . . .

Politically stupid. Very, very stupid. It shows a profound lack of judgement and a totally lack of political savvy. A much more intelligent, proficient, and professional way would be to WWNND (What Would Naheed Nenshi Do)? We've elected a petty, arrogant, short-sighted, and entitled baby to office.

PS more than 1 year ago

Rico Torino

Is it true that the difference of opinion which led to the break-up of this friendship is about whether Miller Lite tastes great or is less filling? It's a social media page not a democracy. Writer, get to a council meeting, and get yourself involved in real time, because your virtual line has been cut.

Snip, snap, snout and I'm out. Buggas' on the line, hooks in a trout.

Rico Torino more than 1 year ago

You ass u me that he doesn't . . .

. . . when and, in fact, he does attend them. Many of them. Which you would know if you were involved enough to do so, as well. So, spare us all the simplistic and uninformed "advice."

PS more than 1 year ago

Not correct...at all.

The mayor is not required to engage with *anyone* who attempts to contact him on social media, whether they share the same opinions on his policies or not. There is a process to have your concerns addressed by council - you can't circumvent that because you disagree with something, or because you think it's easier to message him on Twitter. Further, social media is not an open forum - no one is required to listen to anything that is tweeted or posted at them. It is fully within the site's terms of service to block someone that they do not wish to engage with. Do you really think that all elected officials are required to engage with their detractors on social media? Educate yourself.

TR more than 1 year ago

No, it's not required . . .

. . . But he's incredibly stupid or likely an interim mayor if he doesn't.

PS more than 1 year ago


If social media are the media via which the mayor disseminates information (normally confined to press releases and council meetings), he is obligated to respond to inquiries via the same media. Of course we cannot legally force him to do so, yet.

Martin Ouellette more than 1 year ago


The mayor has a FB page, he has to accept friend requests, he has to know that not everyone sending a friend request is his personal friend and he accept, his choice. He's okay with that until someone has an opposing point of view then he blocks them. This letter is right on, he is not a qualified leader, more like a dictator.

Meeshy more than 1 year ago


Lots of people use social media for friends and family......maybe he doesnt want someone seeing all his personal images...family moments etc....if you have issues go down to city hall meeting to adress them. This is why teachers block students who try to contact the.......doctors dont accept friend requests from patients...etc

Lakeshore dude more than 1 year ago

Are you new or something?

You realize that he likely has another account for close friends and family. That's not why he has his public Twitter and FB account. The other situations you have listed are those that involve privacy and power differentials that are very, very different from a politician-constituency dynamic. He's not a king for god's sake--even if he thinks he is.

PF more than 1 year ago


Yes yes yes yes!!

Syx Langemann more than 1 year ago

Nice . . ,

. . . to see you at lunch today!

PF more than 1 year ago