Opinion: Speaking out against the proposed mega-hospital

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Am poor and worried about future mega hospital

I have been in and out of hospital a lot since I was born with a disease that remained undiagnosed for a few years. Getting to a hospital should not be hard to do and in an ever growing city where we have already seen hospitals close, to hear they want to close more to make a new mega hospital in an area not as accessible as well as told there will not be more beds than there currently is and the ER waiting time will not be less .. and yet the cost of all this to make the Mega Hospital happen .. seems like a lot of tossing big money around and wasting it all. Already the hospital care in Windsor is horrible and to be told that we have state of the art equipment in hospitals 10 years ago and compared to London (they laugh at what we call state of the art and wonder how we can even see what we are looking at) makes me wonder what state of the art will be now. Will this mega hospital really be worth it? Why does it seem like more and more land is becoming vacant in the core of Windsor? What is it being freed up for? Why must people in Windsor go out of their way to get medical care now? Why all the money that has been put into the current hospital reconstruction being virtually thrown away when they decide to tear it all down? I wish I had this money that I can just throw away and decide that what I spent it on I didn't so let's throw it away at something else. I am still paying off college loans from 12 years ago .. and parking at the hospital is already so expensive I look for parking on the street or if the Ouellette campus I sometimes have to park at the funeral home just because I don't have the money. The mega hospital won't have street parking and we will be forced to pay the high parking cost and I don't imagine it will be cheaper than the current hospital's parking fees. Why not build a new hospital in Essex and leave our Windsor Hospitals where they are? This will NOT make things better. Only worse.

An Upset Windsorite 359 days ago

political football

Centralized facilities equals more political football. Decentralized means disaster resiliency, as well as more effective delivery of services to all across the city. This is more about politics than helping 'diverse' people.

Charles more than 1 year ago

mega hospital

Quote: A hospital that is further away from the poorest members of the community, in this case those living in the city’s downtown and west-end, will mean that more poor people will die in emergency situations because they are not able to get to the hospital in time.

You, like VanderDoelen offer no evidence that actually suggests that the above statement is factual.

I do not believe that this area needs a new hospital period. The biggest problem currently is mismanagement and lack of proper funding where monies should go to the 'hands on' people and not to Administration! I also agree that if one is built it should be in or near the core area simply because vacant space would be and should be utilized.

Greg more than 1 year ago

Mismanaged Money and Direction

Ya I feel Windsor doesn't need a new hospital but instead more staff and for the staff to be less over worked so that they can do their job better. If Essex needs a hospital the money should go to build them one. Building one in Windsor and making it a Mega Hospital sot hat it is closer to Essex doesn't do them any good if they want a hospital in Essex to meet their needs just like Windsor wants one that will be in the core to meet our needs. Windsor keeps tearing down hospitals and are only looking at the big dollar instead of the most in need of care.

Angie 39 days ago