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Sad Display of Hate.

I think its a cool idea. We should let like 50 thousand of these people in to the city - give them all those empty houses on the West end. As for the ISIS fear - do not care. Point them in the direction of The Source, or Tequila Bobs and call it a day.

Rhys Bevan more than 1 year ago


It's not a display of hate to suggest we shouldn't be taking massive numbers of refugees. Why aren't the wealthy Gulf Arab states taking ANY? Why aren't Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, etc?

Why do you feel we're obligated to allow anyone from anywhere migrate here? Incidentally, it wouldn't be necessary if there wasn't a civil war there that the US government has fuelled because they want to topple Assad, so if you really want to help Syrians, why not do an article exposing the Obama administration's FRAUD of claiming they want to "fight ISIS" while in fact they've been actively supporting them and the others in the hope they'll topple Assad? Oh, and why did Obama never decide that Assad was a "tyrant" before the EU countries wanted a pipeline through Syria from Qatar and Saudi Arabia which they knew Assad would not approve?

Do you know the figures for how many refugees "from Syria" in Europe are not from Syria at all, but are migrants of opportunity? Take a look at the Youtube videos showing thousands of mostly military age males.

This whole thing is ridiculous, and your easy liberal-talking-point "analysis" of it is not going to win you any fans among thinking people.

Scott Kuli more than 1 year ago

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