Cooper's Hawk Winery in hot water over heated review response

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Tom, Debbie and Dave, I've worked af Coopers Hawk and offensive personal cutting remarks is what made me walk out. And seven months after my stint my visited and same ole rumor mill backstabbing culture. I sound vindictive, !'but for constructive criticism sake, CH has the potential and is serving of being a top restaurant if leasership are professional educated people who don't play favorites and turn a blind eye when they see and factually know the. bullying backstabbing going on daily by most people including managers. To this day,don't even work there I've been referred to as "crazy". Watch your words folks before you'll predictablly more reviews and irresponsible staff saying this publicly. Stigmatizing emotional challenges no one has any business judging isn't gonna get you far.

Amy 235 days ago



Steve Saunters more than 1 year ago

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