Crumbs from Nonna's table: Vito's Pizzeria

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If you use a gift card, be *sure* to verify your balance before you stand up from the table. Not sayin', just sayin'.

Lorenzo more than 1 year ago


The arancini is the best I have ever had. Who cares that they might fall apart? They are seriously delicious!!! Love the sauce too.

Debbie K more than 1 year ago

Quality in the kitchen

I don't think I've ever read something truer than the line ..'you can learn a lot about a restaurant by trying their salads'.

Fellow Restaurateur more than 1 year ago

Spago Management

Just wanted to clarify that Spago Erie Street is alive, well and open. As for closed? We are not sure where or how that came about? In fact, we are opening our second location in South Windsor at 3850 Dougall. We look forward to serving our guests. Suporting local communities and businesses. Thank You

Peter more than 1 year ago


Spagos is still open is it not...?

James Simon more than 1 year ago

Re: Spago

The original old Spago Trattoria is no longer open. This is the one the reviewer is talking about.

Antoni more than 1 year ago

Re.: Spago Trattoria

We used love that place, why did it ever close? No idea. The staff there was the best , they knew what to do and when at the exact moment, loved it!!!

M more than 1 year ago