Medical marijuana user rights violated by Liberal government

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Where's all the data on second hand pot smoke?

Cannabis smoke is like incense - zero evidence of harm to anyone from smoking it or being near it when someone else is smoking it. If our rulers really cared about our health, instead of persecuting us, they would equate cannabis smoke with incense and go after the chemical fertilizer companies who sell radioactive phosphate fertilizers made with apatite rock - high in Polonium, radioactive Lead and Radium - which kills 5 million people per year from tobacco grown in soil fertilized with that stuff for over 100 years. If you want to learn more about this, read the chapter on fertilizers in this link and then check out the sources for yourselves:

David Malmo-Levine more than 1 year ago

Secondhand marijuana smoke and vapour

Medical marijuana is not being prohibited. The Liberal government is simply doing its duty to protect the rest of us who do not want to inhale secondhand marijuana smoke or vapour. Using edibles protects the public and still provides a means for patients to get their medical marijuana. Win-win!

Janice Forsythe more than 1 year ago


There is no such thing as second hand vapour.

bradofcanada more than 1 year ago


If you don't use cannabis, why would you be at a vapor lounge "to inhale secondhand marijuana smoke or vapour"? Oh the Hypocrisy. Stupid laws will be challenged and struck down! Libtards hard at work at infringing rights.

Kenneth Surgent more than 1 year ago


Janice you need to understand that not everyone tolerates edibles the same. Edibles also stay in your system longer than vaping or smoking, which in some cases may be a bad thing. And, as someone else pointed out, there is no such thing as inhaling second hand vapour. This decision is an assault on users of medicinal cannabis and by far not a win - win situation . Once again the Liberal government has back pedaled on a decision regarding medical cannabis use. I don't think I'll be voting Liberal again anytime soon.

Kyle more than 1 year ago

Great article. As a medical patient myself I completely support Jon and Higher Limits for fighting the right kind of fight. Shame on Windsor for supporting drunken street fights every single weekend and stabbings at Boom Boom Room...alcohol is a violent and disgusting drug

Shawn Drew more than 1 year ago