The Ghomeshi case isn’t an isolated incident

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Raped by women

How many cases of rape by women against men are reported? Yes, it can happen: especially if she removes the condom without asking you, and this happens to countless men. This whole society is focused on women as victims, but in a so called effort to call all of us "equal" in an Orwellian Marxist nightmare.

Understanding Men International more than 1 year ago


I'm sorry. But when at any point did Warner say men don't get raped?

Just think. more than 1 year ago

Excellent article, terrible comments

Lee Sara Warner, thanks for your bravery. This couldn't have been easy to write and the Ghomeshi trial must have been a nightmare. Your story is not unique and I'm glad you shared it

As for the comments here. Who are you, men? Do you really walk around in the world thinking this way? Shame on you. You're part of the reason women don't come forward after they've been victimized. Progress or get the hell out of the way. You're asininity shouldn't be tolerated.

Paul Rounders more than 1 year ago

Trying to understand your point

Trying to understand what you mean when you refer to progress. Is your ideal future one where society takes all accusers at their word without the need for outdated concepts like trials? Should we eliminate the court system all together? Why stop at sexual crimes, why not expand it to all crimes? After all why should you need evidence for some crimes and not others? Why not simply have police stations where you can report a crime, the name of the person who did it, and have the police arrest them and commit them to a predetermined jail sentence in under 24 hours? We live in a society where everyone tells the truth all of the time after all, anyone who still thinks people lie is living in the past, and you need to get the hell out of the way.

Rory more than 1 year ago


I stopped reading when you're point missed mine and became a silk screen recreation of every point already made ad nausea in the mainstream discourse.

Paul Rounders more than 1 year ago


Good thing all these super smart men are around! Our tiny female brains can't comprehend these complex issues. I guess I should just let a man do whatever he wants to me because reasonable doubt and all that. Phew, I need to go take a nap now. Too much thinky think.

Te-ann more than 1 year ago

Hashtag warriors

If the best solution you have is the hashtag "believesurvivors" then you clearly don't understand the justice system and don't know what objectivity means.

Rory more than 1 year ago

MRA go away.

All the men negatively commenting on this article is the reason we need feminism. Like seriously are you people from the past?

VS more than 1 year ago


If you want to get technical, yes

Sydney more than 1 year ago

Anecdotal reply to an Anecdote.

My bunkmate and friend in the Navy candidly confessed to me that he and his siblings had their stepfather imprisoned on charges of child sex abuse. Candidly. Admitted.

And, you also either didn't follow this case, or you didn't bother to read the Judge's published judgement.
The judge, in plainly written english prose, explained that the behavior of the accused had NOTHING to do with their credibility. It was the FACT that they intentionally misled the prosecutors by withholding information about their relationship with Ghomeshi by claiming to have broken off contact with him after the ALLEGED assaults.

That a judge would have to take the same precaution on any other kind of criminal case.

Tom more than 1 year ago


Thanks for the mansplanation.

lol more than 1 year ago

Appeal to fact, not emotion

You claim the system is broken, yet offer no solutions. You use false statistics, which do not stand up to basic statistical scrutiny. Every argument made here is an appeal to emotion, not to fact or rationality. I agree rapists should be punished to the full extent of the law, but insinuating that victims must be blindly taken at their word is not what justice is built upon. In the last year alone there have been 5 major stories of women falsely accusing men of rape. Saying the details don't matter is absurd, of course they matter in a case where it is literally two peoples word against each other.

Jake more than 1 year ago

So easy it's golden

Here's a solution for you: believe survivors.

Samita more than 1 year ago

I'll do you one better

Here's a solution to your solution: believe survivors; meaning, those who do not manipulate or withhold evidence for the purposes of starting a witch hunt. As someone in a relationship with a victim of sexual violence, it sickens me to the core seeing those involved in this case taking advantage of the horrific nature of these types of crimes in order to exploit a personal grievance. The fact remains that they lied under oath and suppressed information in public i.e sending Mr. Ghomeshi flowers well after the alleged incidents, because they did not want their continued pursuits of Mr. Ghomeshi to hamper their public image. Our legal system, as flawed as it may be, is based on the principle that crimes must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, and these witnesses squandered their credibility. I sincerely hope that you do not have to suffer the pain of going through such an event in addition to seeing others try to exploit public anger for personal gain.

Also, please do yourself a favour and read the verdict. Like it or not, feels do not come before reals.

NP more than 1 year ago

You can't be serious?

So everyone tells the truth? There isn't countless examples of "survivors" lying? This is absurd, and it's terrifying that anyone would advocate condemning people to jail without trial.

Sarah L more than 1 year ago

Some corrections

With all due respect to your experiences. The stats thing is discredited . Ghomeshi's lawyers did not even allude to BDSM during the trial. It did not form any part of his defence before the judge. It's difficult see how the system failed women in this case
Please don't take this case as the benchmark. Hope you're doing okay.

Karl more than 1 year ago

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