A joint effort: Cannabis community needs improved cooperation

With legalization legislation coming early 2017, now, more than ever, the cannabis community and industry need to join forces and work together, yet remain divided.

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Great article! One correction, though:

It is incorrect to say that Lift changed the rules for vending after the raids. Every contract signed with a vendor, even months before the raids, stated no vending or displaying products would be allowed. This point was even re-affirmed several times in emails to all exhibitors in the weeks prior to the raids.

I would be happy to provide you extensive documentation showing this is true, and I would ask you issue a correction. Thank you in advance.

David Brown more than 1 year ago


There are currently 31 licensed producers in Canada, with more being added often. Calling that a 'monopoly' is embarrassingly inaccurate.

tom more than 1 year ago

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