Sex with Spenny: Smells, size, and skeevy situations

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Terrible advice regarding femine hygiene!

First and foremost, there are many reasons a vagina might smell - diet, drinking alcohol, smoking, exercise, clothing, and infections are all contributing factors. To simply suggest that it could be a yeast infection is negligent, rude, and unprofessional.

Aside from that, every woman has her own body chemistry and hormones that contribute to the way she smells and tastes. Regardless of how healthy she eats, how much time she spends scrubbing her genitals, or the choices she makes both in and out of the bedroom, she is going to have her own unique scent. That’s just how it goes.

To break it down even more; the vagina has a naturally acidic pH level (healthy vaginal pH sits around 3.8 to 4.5 out of 14)that takes care of all the bad bacteria via discharge – fluid from glands inside the vagina and cervix – which carries away dead cells and bacteria, keeping the vagina clean and helping to prevent infection. When a person douches they wash away both the good and bad bacteria. Now with the good bacteria removed, the vagina is a perfect environment for the bad bacteria that enters to take over and run rampant.

On that note, do NOT suggest that she douche! The vagina is not meant to be flushed with harsh chemicals or detergents. That’s probably the WORST thing you could suggest she do. Mild soap and water will suffice for external cleaning of the vulva.

If she uses deodorant on her vagina I suggest she stop. That, like douching, can equal a recipe for disaster; the body sweats for a reason. By applying deodorant to her vulva/vagina she can not only increase the chance of infection, but also confuse her body and force it to overcompensate in other ways.

You could also bring up the option of 100% cotton underwear as it will allow her body to breathe and reduce the amount of sweat present, which will also hopefully result in less of a vaginal odor. Aside from that, it would be a good idea to limit the amount of tight synthetic material, thongs, and g-strings she wears as they trap bacteria and can bring on the potential for infection.

I’d also suggest talking to her about seeing a doctor as the cause of the smell might be due to an infection like bacterial vaginosis (caused by an imbalance of naturally occurring bacterial flora). Among other natural causes, Bacterial Vaginosis may occur from semen entering the vagina and throwing off the natural pH balance.

I created a YouTube video and post on my website regarding this very topic, those that are interested can find it here: Vaginal Odor, Douching, and Feminine Hygiene -

Kara_Sutra 342 days ago

Sense of humour

Do you have one?

Spenny 342 days ago

vag advice

I love that u have knowledge about the vag!!! Sooo many women dont understand good vag care as their parents have neglected this part of the birds and bees talk and for ppl my age (early 40) this was not a topic in sex ed...thankfully i had a great talk with an ex bf foster mom who let me in on these secrets! Wish more women would share this info with each other! ♡

julie 316 days ago

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