Sex with Spenny: Size, snoozing, and scripts



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I agree

The time has come to pay back Wolfish, Spenny. You owe him money and it's time to redeem yourself.

Spenny's Pug 181 days ago


You should really pay back Wolfish.

Wolfish 209 days ago

Miss u baby

When are you coming back to suck my tranny cock spencer? I miss you

That tranny from that one episode 210 days ago


Good advice spenny👍

Quiff 223 days ago


Good lord Spenny finding the major fault in a woman was her oversized clit. PII-CKY. You should be so blessed. Maybe she was the biggest nymfo going too!

Cocostring 224 days ago

Dum Dum

Please read again. I'm pro large clit.

Spenny 210 days ago

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