Sex with Spenny: Tinder, nosebleeds, and monogamy


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Aren't you divorced?

Your FIRST marriage degenerated after three or four years (and for the sake of your dignity I won't post the most important way you failed following the dissolution and after). I don't know which is worse - someone asking you about monogomy, you attempting to answer or, perhaps worst of all, that you dare call anyone stupid. Take your advice on border violation, for example: 'It's just across the river. Who cares?' Since border jumping is illegal, my guess would be that several different government agencies might not take this booty-call so kindly.

Fiver 292 days ago


Yeah Spence, you're way too harsh.

Lou 309 days ago

Mean Spenny

Wow, Spenny. Your responses are mean. These people just wanted help and you didn't have to respond to these questions. You should be ashamed. Also, when are you going to pay back Wolfish?

Spenny's Pug 313 days ago

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