Sex with Spenny: masturbation, bachelor party woes, and focus issues

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Hi Spencer!

I'd really love to see a season 7 before you guys get to old!! I'm a massive fan of the show it would be great to see a new season.

Eric 231 days ago

Another season

The older we get, the funnier it will be.

Spennles 230 days ago

Grammar Nazi

Oh the joys of being Dyslexic. You try to show off to other people who can't spell a word that you can actually spell that word and in doing so you forget to spell another word correctly. Therefore, making yourself look like a big ass. I'll admit it made me laugh a little but, only because I know the struggle. You're a fantastic writer nonetheless. :)

Victoria 237 days ago

Big Announcement

After many years and much consideration, I have decided to finally pay back Wolfish all the money I owe him. I know this will not bring his dogs back to life and I am truly sorry for causing their deaths, but it is the least I can do. I will be announcing this on Twitter shortly.

Spenny 241 days ago


I look forward to it.

Spenny 238 days ago


Spenny you fucked a Tranny in the ass, you may be a virgin with chicks but come on man......

Kenny 243 days ago


There was penetration my part.

Spenny 238 days ago

Boyfriend doesn't masturbate

He's lying....

SThrasher 243 days ago

Pretty sure you wrote these questions yourself

These articles sure seem like you wrote the questions yourself. And you insult every single person who writes in- why? Trying to seem edgy? Plus, why would anyone take sex advice from you? Do you have a degree, or more experience with sex than the average person? I'm leaning towards no. The writing style is the same in the questions as it is in the answer. Is this the only venue that these articles are featured in? I doubt there are enough people writing into you on ''. Where do I submit a question?

Skeptic 244 days ago


I've never written a question. At the bottom it should say where to send your questions. I'm a virgin, so all of my advice is theoretical. Lighten up.

Spenny 244 days ago

Grammar Nazi

Okay, so there was a few grammar errors in your responses. It makes you look like an idiot if you correct someone's spelling and then making mistakes yourself. You're not supposed to be worried about the way people write their letters. They only want advice.

Abdre 244 days ago

Grammar Nazi

You make a good point. I'm dyslexic. No matter how hard I try, I can't catch all the typos and grammatical errors. I'm throwing stones in a glass house. I'm casting the first stone. You're right.

Spennles 244 days ago

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