Ontario's commercial vacancy tax rebate is harmful to Windsor

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Ontario's commercial vacancy tax rebate

It is definitely a disincentive for property owners in my view. And yes, Larry Horwitz, some landlords DO do that in Windsor because some of them had the guts to tell us so when we were searching for a place for our workshop last year. not necessarily downtown BIA , but in other BIAs around, and pretty much all over the place. anyway. It does not make much sense, but there you go. And I could also point fingers at landlords who keep places boarded up and a 'for lease' sign in place in spite of using the premises to store their own equipment and stock.

E. Blaevoet more than 1 year ago

Ontario Commercial Vacancy Tax Rebate

So great to finally see someone in the local media discussing this. Anyone that cares even slightly about what's going on in the downtown core has been aware that a lot of landlords have been doing this trick for quite some time. It's genuinely sad to see so many empty buildings. Downtown Windsor could be so much more vibrant if landlords weren't given so much motivation to just sit on their vacant properties and collect taxes off of them.

Rob Tymec more than 1 year ago