Inequality and the erosion of democracy

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You started on a lie...

"Instead, he’s refilled it with the same hyper-rich class and special interests who’ve long enjoyed undue influence on decision-making."

Who specifically? Trump won by appealing to the mid-american, middle class voter. If you listen to Steve Bannon speak, he speaks of supporting the middle class and removing the corruption in capitalism which favours the rich. They say the bailouts were horrible ideas since they reinforce the behaviour that lead to the initial financial crisis.

They are working for the citizens of America and enacting their campaign promises. That is the president's job, and he's been busy.

Andrew 203 days ago

Not really...

Betsy Devos- "Daughter-in-law of Richard DeVos, co-founder of marketing company Amway. The family has a net worth of $5.1bn, according to Forbes. Her lobbying for school vouchers has been criticised for undermining public sector schools (which critics note neither she nor her children attended). "

Linda McMahon (LoL)- "For decades ran the premier pro-wrestling league in the country, now called World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), with husband and founder Vince McMahon, whose net worth Forbes pins at about $1bn."

Carl Icahn- "Forbes estimates his net worth at $17.6bn. Like Trump, a Queens boy made good. Staunchly anti-regulation."

Rex Tillerson- "Tillerson retains a huge financial interest in the energy company, owning $151m in company stock."

Steven Mnuchin- "Son of Goldman Sachs employee, Yale grad. Swooped on doomed IndyMac bank as it sunk in the 2008 housing crash, acquired it and scored when the federal government bailed out the bank. They call him the “foreclosure king”. Democratic senator Sherrod Brown said: “This isn’t draining the swamp – it’s stocking it with alligators.” Announced he would oversee “the largest tax change since Reagan” and said his “No 1 priority is tax reform."

Andrew Puzder- "Restaurant executive operating fast-food chains including Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s. Vehement critic of government regulation and staunch opponent of minimum wage laws and the Fight for $15 movement."

Quotes and full list here:

Alex Denonville 203 days ago