Editorial: The growing frustration in Windsor with our mayor and council

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Great article. I appreciate how you discussed the problems & frustrations of the citizens without making personal attacks. I'm popping over to my e-mail account to urge Mr. Dilkens to have a sit down with you.

Dee Sweet more than 1 year ago


This is a great little piece. I am tired of urban sprawl. Thanks y'all, for continuing the conversation.

dood more than 1 year ago


^ Some of the best work this mag has done, truly commendable. Will love to know where this goes

Slavoij more than 1 year ago


Thanks for leading the charge! Keep making this public!

Andrew more than 1 year ago

Mayor Puppet

I'm sure an interview will be granted as soon as Eddie Francis is available to attend and hold Drew's hand. If any of the questions are too tough and most probably will be Eddie will answer on Drew's behalf. Actually it may be simpler for you just to book a meeting with Herr Francis.

Bill Thomson more than 1 year ago

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