Jodie Emery's pursuit to end pot prohibition

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Mary more than 1 year ago

Keeping It Simple

Well said Jody Emery! Straight Up, the Government should do as you say. Lord knows there are enough laws governing every other aspect of human activity and behavior. No Crime. No Problem. Say it again and again, Jody.... Thanks for doing what you do.

John O'Carroll more than 1 year ago

The new laws... same as the old laws.

We won't be fooled again. We won't stand down. We won't comply. We will Never Plead Guilty

We won't be fooled (again). We won't stand down. We will Never Plead Guilty.

Bruce Ryan more than 1 year ago

Welcome to the new prohibition

The government is a complete and utter scam!! Bill Blair a hard wired narc!! Anne mclelland stated "Marijuana smokers are stupid" We the Canadian people have been lied to and will remember this lying liberal Government next election. Does the Government actually beleive we are all that stupid? A harmless plant and harmless people. What a government scam!! I hope the younger generations hear about this and our so called lying Government.

Jason more than 1 year ago

a drug?

Drug Identification Number is used to define a drug. what is marijuanas?

ron halcro more than 1 year ago

Wait a minute

Jodie says she is 'disappointed' in the Liberal Party's approach, but this is the platform they ran on and that she supported during the election. Nothing has changed except Jodie's concerns. Ms Emery dismissed people's concerns during the election saying to just shut up and vote Liberal, and now she's trying to distance herself from that.

The Liberals promised exactly what they are now delivering. Maybe Ms Emery should have listened to people last year when these raised these very same concerns about how strict the Liberal's plans are.

It's time for Jodie to step away form the cameras and let the adults talk.

Alan Anderson more than 1 year ago


How can anyone believe anything from a group of people (government) who have kept prohibition in place for 79 yrs? This is the mentality of Bill Blair & friends. My advice to Jodie is to remember that these people who she is trying to talk to all lie for a living.

Paul Chandler more than 1 year ago

The gov is of two minds

Jodie's point is that quasi-legalization (which barely qualifies as decrim) is a SHAM.... a charade run by hard-core prohibitionists. This, is an of itself, a "conflict of interests"... I mean Landslide Annie is on board with Bennet-Jones... the law firm 'representing' the majority of Licensed Producers under the MMPR. Which has been struck down by the Courts.

Bruce Ryan more than 1 year ago

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