Basic income pilot project a taste of things to come

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Funding This Program

This only works, if the companies benefiting from the automation, are paying the taxes on their increased profits, to pay for the program.

Sherri 277 days ago

Shorter Work week.

There are better alternatives to this, as there are still work to do. We've been through automation replacing jobs, it's not unique. The most easiest one would be the mandating a shorter work week, allowing the spread of work to everyone. That was the main solution until the 50's. Ideally, we would gradually reduce our working hours to 30 hours/week, improving output per person.

Raymond Hoang more than 1 year ago

Reply to Raymond

Are you going to legislate that jobs can only be 30 hours a week?
That is not an alternative. At best, this will be plaster or patch.
You grossly underestimate the level of job losses that automation & AI will bring. It will be nothing like what occurred before, when the population was smaller and when there were still plenty of jobs, so comparisons with the past are meaningless. You need to face up to there being massive unemployment and addressing that.

Radio Jammor more than 1 year ago