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Rose City Politics: Discussing the bingo lawsuit opt-out

The mayors of Windsor and Tecumseh recently launched a public awareness campaign aimed to reduce the overall potential damage of a class action lawsuit that claims that the two communities unlawfully overcharged for bingo licences. more »

2016-02-03 12:27 PM Opinion 1 Comments

Review: Nathan McNevin and the Silence Factory's new album is a tilt-a-whirl of sound

Nathan McNevin and The Silence Factory made an album that is glam. It is psychedelic. It is pop. It is very real rock and roll. It’s even radio ready. It’s a volcano. more »

2016-02-02 2:10 PM Reviews


Marvin Shaouni c/o Facebook.

Rubies among diamonds: Sifting through Detroit's explosive culinary scene

It’s no secret that Windsor’s neighbour, Detroit, has been experiencing a cultural and culinary renaissance for several years, and the trend did not slow in 2015. more »

2016-02-02 1:23 PM Food & Drink 1 Comments


Sarah Kivell

With the Ojibway development, it's time to start the damn car

Jenny Coco’s plan to build big box stores on the grasslands adjacent to the ecologically critical Ojibway Park is a terrible one for every conceivable reason. more »

2016-02-02 1:02 PM Culture 1 Comments

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